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This post is not about Ministry of Sound 🙂 which I would like to do as well, but not now.


This post is about one series “Masters of Sex” [2013], which I like for the context and perfect English language.

Despite critical responses, which you may see on Wiki about the Movie, I like it. I have the only one point to analyse the success  – I did not feel like this is the movie, I didn’t feel a fake in a play of such enormous actions that human being has in their life, about sex.
I like the idea – research of hidden abilities, that human being has behind ourself knowledge.
I like that this movie can show how difficult is essential things in life, and how easy may be solution to succeed.

Here is kinda outcomes, I’ve concluded after watching:

“We can fake love, but we can’t fake sex” – Can we? (c)

In the end of the movie, there is a specific scene 🙂 (no details from my side), and it reminds me my recent tweet:

It does mean for me, that human nature, human body, human behavior are not so far from animals, but there is one thing we realize we have it, it’s LOVE.
And it’s kinda odd and very complicated stuff for all of us, but this is the topic of my future post 🙂


If you u wondering about from where u may get this film, I may suggest this resource. There is exact mkv files and torrents as well. I made a choice in torrent way (direct mkv files were not downloadable for me).
But u may do your best, and find better resources over Internet.


Now, as I’m #English Language fan 🙂 I will list a few phrases, which  make me happy with the feeling of #Amazing and #Awesomeness 🙂

  • Keep asking questions,that’s what a good researcher does” (Продовжуй запитувати питання, бо саме це робить добрий дослідник)
  • Don’t give another thought!” or “Don’t you give it a thought!” (Навіть не думай інакше!)
  • A: I did not asked …
    B: “You didn’t, but I anticipating that you would” (Ви ні, але я очікувала що ви скажете)
  • You didn’t ask me to do anything, that I wasn’t willing to do” (Ти нічого не попросила мене робити такого, щоб я не мав бажання зробити).
  • Let me Don’t“(Цікавий заперечувальний вираз. По контексту звучало як “Дозволь мені не погодитись з тобою!”)
  • I’ve got you covered” (“Вважай я тебе прикрив”, в значенні – “Іди на роботу, я побуду з дітьми”.)
  • We are very kind with your offer, thank you” (Як альтернатива щоб сказати “No, Thanks” на чиюсь пропозицію будь чого, наприклад бутерборда.)
  • I wouldn’t count on it” (Я б не стала розраховувати на це).
  • That’s very sweet of you” (Це так мило з твого боку)
  • It takes Helpers to do great things” (Для великих справа завжди потрібні Помічники)
  • I certainly wouldn’t have to escort you out” (Я б точно не хотів вас випроваджувати силою)

A few idioms:

  • Dodge the bullet” – to successfully avoid a very serious problem. To get yourself out of a sticky situation.
  • Dog with a bones” – to refuse to stop thinking about or talking about a subject.
  • I feel like a goldilocks” (Не дуже певний що зрозумів цей вираз, але явно повязано з казкою про три ведмеді і дівчинку. Ось з віки про Ефект: “In cognitive science and developmental psychology, the Goldilocks effect or principle refers to an infant’s preference to attend to events which are neither too simple or too complex according to their current representation of the world”)