Цитати v20

This is collection of quotes from 2020 year.

„The more complicated a person is, the more interesting he is. But at the same time, the more dangerous he is.”
(c) King Ecbert from “Vikings” (TV series)


“Harsh are the gods! But I performed great sacrifices, I loved you, I gave you half of all my best goods. And still you have betrayed me!”
(c) Floki from “Vikings” (TV series)


“I can’t change other human beings. I have changed myself.”
(c) Floki from “Vikings” (TV series)


“Only your action will change the goal” (c) Hvitserk from “Vikings” (TV series)


“… do not try to posses me, because possession is the opposite of love.” (c) Harbard from “Vikings” (TV series). source.


“Whenever we heard sounds, we are changed, we are no longer the same… and this is especially the case when we hear organised sounds, sounds organised by another human being: music.”
(c) Karlheinz Stockhausen.


“Rozum nie zależy od wieku”
(c) “Korona królów” (Polski TV serial).


Devon Banks : [questioning Jack at government committee]
Is it true, Mr. Donaghy, that your executives routinely used company helicopters to dry their home tennis courts?
Jack Donaghy: “Yes and no. Yes, that did happen. No, it didn’t not happen”.
(c) 30 Rock (TV series). full text.
From me: Last sentence is bright example why I like English as a language where it’s possible to play with words and I like Law as a game of rules and people minds.
“God created the world, but you know who created us gods? You did. You humans. Sort of. When you apes first climbed down from the trees, you didn’t pray to him. You prayed to the — the sun, the womb, the rain and the stars. Well, at first, the Creator was furious. How dare you not recognize his beneficence? But soon enough, he birthed us — Ra, Anu, Hera, Mixcoatl, all the rest. (…) To take the blame. Bad harvest? Stillborn child? Our bad. Not his. Plus, we made for epic stories. But, his ego could only handle that for so long. Now he’s happy to hide behind whatever religion has the best syndication deal. While we survive on scraps in the wilderness.”
(c) Suprenatural (TV series)
From me: Fortuna explains the origins of pagan gods, in “The Gamblers” 11 episode in final 15 season of Supernatural. In March 2020, Warner Bros. Television shut down production on the series due to the 2019–20 corona-virus pandemic. Three more episodes till the end of era…
 “… people believe the things that help them… Nucleus accumbens, it’s a small part of your brain, about an inch and a half long. It’s the part of you that evolved to believe in God”
Westworld (TV series)
“We all gonna die, someday, somehow, that’s not what matters”
(c) Macy from
Charmed 2018 (TV series)
“You have the right to remain silent anything you say or do will be uploaded to the cloud. You have the right to an attorney app”
(c) Weird City (TV series)


“Gadanie bez sensu. Nie ma sensu gadać bez sensu, bo na świece jest za dużo rzeczy bez sensu, żeby jeszcze gadanie dorzucać.”
(с) Mówiąc inaczej aka Paulina Mikuła


Charles: “Rosa. I know you don’t like anyone wishing you a happy birthday so, crappy day to you.”
Rosa: “Still too much.”
(c) Brooklyn Nine-Nine. full text.


“Кожен, хто створив іншу живу істоту і наділив її якостями людини – трохи Бог.”
(c) Тетяна Даниленко


“I’m just following rules and it would help if you did the same”

“Electrical activity in our brain deriving from our thoughts, our emotions, our sensations, or anything else that’s happening, is picked up by the magnetic fields that surround it. And in this way how the activity of our brains is imposed on our consciousness.”
(c) series ???? Discovered since 28-Jun-2020
“Війну за спадок Русі виграли прямі етнічні спадкоємці її народу, яким прийшли на допомогу нащадки давніх союзників – сусіди зі степу, козаки. Разом вони утворили єдиний народ – українців і спільну державу – Україну.”
(с) Імені Т.Г. Шевченка aka/via Брати Капранови
“Хто більший мудак? Держава чи бізнес?”
(c) Тетяна Даниленко
“Однією із обов’язкових умов, представники російського ринку висловили… вимогу зробити кілька пісень російською мовою, і я зрозумів, що це не наш шлях.” (с) Олександр Положинський.
“Палити своїх, щоб чужі боялись…”
(с) Княгиня Ольга via Гумор кабаре “Вечір колєг”
“Найстрашніше, це внутрішньо вигоріти, найстрашніше втратити віру в те, що ти робиш”
(с) Ірина Фаріон.
“Jesteście komunistami, czy to bezbożnymi (AL: wskazuje ręką na Lewicę) czy z krzyżem w zębach (AL: wskazuje ręką do na PiS)!”
(c) Konrad Berkowicz (poseł koła Konferencji Wolność i Niepodległość) mówiąc do bloku Lewicy i bloku PiS-u w sejmie (15-Jul-2020)
“Życie to tak naprawdę jedna wielka restauracja, w której zamiast dań serwuje się nam różnego rodzaju doświadczenie.” (c) G.F. Darwin



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