Мої Блоги

My name is Andrii Lundiak, and this is one of my 8 blogs 🙂

#1 – [2010] Work’n’Me

Is dedicated only to my work as Web Developer. I created it time ago (2010) as 1st blog based on Blogger platform, but then migrated  to WordPress (2013-Dec-28). I do post different topics in most cases in English language and related to web development, JavaScript and computers in general.

#2 – [2010] LUND-IA-K

Is about my genealogical research of my family surname LUNDIAK (including etymology and DNA research). Mixed with research of history of Galicia and own village. Started on Blogger platform (2010) but then migrated to WordPress (2014-Jun-20).

#3 – [2012 ] N! думок

This blog you reading is my 3nd blog I started in general, but it was first on wordpress platform (2012). It’s about personal thoughts in different areas, such as: social thoughts, psychology, relationship, political, philosophy, religious views, some simple observations, year summaries, etc. I consider it as my main blog. Note: Initially I planned to continue working with Blogger platform, I’ve even created blog “Me Myself and I” ob blogspot, but no posts at all, so I deleted it. But in 2012 I finally decided to start wordpress blog.

#4 – [2014] PolyJazyk

This is my 4th blog and it’s dedicated to multilinguality, or in other words “how does it feel to be polyglot?” or “Have you tried to learn more languages u know?”, “But why not? It’s very interesting”. In 2015 re-branded from “This Awesome English” to “Poly Jazyk”.

#5 – [2016] Podorozhnyk

It’s about travels, different trips to different countries by different ways and transport, and obviously different goals:) But all tourism-related. Till 2016 year, I mixed tourism-like articles with other posts on blog “N! Thoughts”, but then I decided to divide my thoughts into dedicated blog.

#6 – kinda not official – 2Private

Preliminary in UA language, and about things which shouldn’t be posted on public pages. Mostly, I write about women, or relationship or something related to this topic. Kind of romantic prose. Definitely my tryings in writing.

#7 – [2019] Molodkiv

In 2019-2020 I got involved in a few topics related to village Molodkiv, were I born. And in fact I did have a collision between topics on my LUND-IA-K blog, so I decided to create dedicated blog Molodkiv, and publish information related to Molodkiv and my historical research results (which not only my genealogy or genetics and in far future can be treated as Molodkiv’s content).

#8 – [2017] Andrii Lundiak on Medium

I created account on Medium in early 2017, and I created only two articles, but they were related more to work. So I didn’t have dedicated content for that blog. But in 2020 I decided to put information on the blog which doesn’t fit to any of my blogs, and can be treated as public and for first time it’s in Ukrainian language. In fact it’s only since 2020 Medium offered dedicated domain name as lundiak dot and then medium.com, so now it looks prettier and can be used.

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